A new independent news agency service kicked off in Turkey

ANKARA, June 20 — A new independent news agency service called MuhabirAjans has been launched in Turkey to provide national and local media with much need timely, accurate and impartial news content and analyses.

The agency provides news in current affairs, business, world developments, culture, social issues, security and sports. It has a photo service with limited video feed.

MuhabirAjans will cater clients both in traditional media outlets and the new digital media with the objective of delivering trusted news stories that will generate public interest.

The launch of a news service comes particularly a difficult time in Turkey where the press freedoms are subject to systematic assault with journalists getting harassed, intimidated and even imprisoned on trumped-up charges.

“The media market in Turkey is effectively dominated by government and pro-government players with only a handful of critical, independent and opposition media left standing in the face of a relentless effort by the government to muzzle alternative voices”, Abdullah Bozkurt, the founder and the owner of MuhabirAjans said.

“Foreign agencies such as Reuters, AFP, AP and Xinhua have limited staff to cover Turkey. Hence the independent reporting on substantive issues across 81 provinces by a national news service is very much needed”, he added.

“We hope to fill the vacuum that was created with the unprecedented erosion of press freedoms in Turkey”, Bozkurt underlined.

The national news agencies in Turkey that serves to the national and local media is mostly controlled by the government directly or indirectly. In March, Turkish government unlawfully seized the largest privately-run Cihan news agency, turning its editorial line into a government propaganda overnight.

MuhabirAjans, officially named Muhabir Haber Ajansı, A.Ş., (Reporter’s News Agency in English) set up its headquarters in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It was staffed largely by editors and reporters who were forced to leave their positions in other media outlets under the government pressure.

The test-run by the agency in the last one and half month was quite successful with a production of well over 100 articles posted on a daily basis, written by a team of reporters from both in Turkey and abroad.
The agency is moving fast to set up liaison offices in other provinces as well as in other countries. It will provide clients with both in-depth analyses, round-ups, spotlight and shorter news stories.

MuhabirAjans will broadcast news from its own web site http://www.muhabir.com.tr but their reproduction will be restricted to paid subscribers only. For a free-trial, you may contact muhabir@muhabir.com.tr

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