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Governance crisis in Turkey

Political uncertainty in Turkey will likely pave the way for a deep governance crisis soon, with the putschist-style Islamists led by embattled President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan insisting on ruling this nation of some 80 million people with faits accomplis and shenanigans at the expense of democratic principles, tradition and established precedents. Continue reading

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Islamists’ xenophobic policies threaten Turkey

The assaults on Korean tourists and a Uighur chef, who were mistaken for Chinese people, in İstanbul last week have shown the extent of damage dealt to this moderate nation of Turks by the Islamist rulers, who provide political clout to hate crimes and xenophobia in order to sustain their waning power in the government. Continue reading

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Turkey’s reckless war in Syria

With a pervasive military incursion into Syria, Turkey’s political Islamist rulers are looking for a quick political victory to cash in on for the increasingly likely snap election that looms large on the horizon, rather than prosecute a comprehensive plan to neutralize cross-border risks to the national security of Turkey along its porous border line. Continue reading

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