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Turkish Islamists won’t battle ISIL

The duplicitous discourse from Turkey’s political Islamist rulers, who lead a hate campaign by example while merely paying lip service to the fight against extremism through symbolic condemnation and critical comments, is nothing but complete hypocrisy imposed upon this long tolerant and diverse nation of some 80 million, put at risk by the ideological zealotry of its current leadership. Continue reading

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Turkey police thwarted against ISIL

The political Islamist government in Turkey has deliberately degraded the capabilities of the Turkish police department — the main law enforcement agency in the country — in counterterrorism efforts since the 2013 corruption investigations by removing unprecedented numbers of veteran officers, disbanding anti-terror departments that track and disrupt violent religious groups, destroying long-running investigations into radical groups and limiting the police authority to monitor terrorist groups. Continue reading

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Turkey’s Islamists betrayed Uyghurs, damaged ties with China

Turkey’s relations with China that were upgraded to a strategic partnership in 2010 were dealt a significant blow a year later when increasingly assertive political Islamists in the Turkish government started playing a game of proxies with the Uyghurs of Chinese nationality as part of their short-sighted vision of a regime change in their southern neighbor, Syria. Continue reading

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How Turkey’s Islamist gov’t helped al-Qaeda and ISIL

More evidence is emerging that implicates senior officials in Turkey’s political Islamist government of aiding and abetting radical groups, including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), presenting the risk of the NATO-ally country earning a reputation of being a state that sponsors terrorism. Continue reading

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