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Turkish Islamists out to kill interfaith dialogue

It is nothing but a cynical farce for Turkish Islamist rulers to suddenly remember the idea of interfaith dialogue in the aftermath of the brutal Paris attacks in order to appeal to the Western audience while they demonize and persecute the very Turkish groups that have been persistently engaging in this dialogue for decades. Continue reading

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Main challenge in Turkey-Russia axis

Russia’s strong response to Turkey shooting down its Su-24 tactical bomber, perhaps an unintentional incident and not a deliberate act to provoke Moscow, in fact reflects the growing anxiety on the part of Russian policymakers about the perception of the long-term threat posed by Turkey’s political Islamist rulers who have wide regional and global ambitions beyond Syria. Continue reading

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Turkish Islamists won’t battle ISIL

The duplicitous discourse from Turkey’s political Islamist rulers, who lead a hate campaign by example while merely paying lip service to the fight against extremism through symbolic condemnation and critical comments, is nothing but complete hypocrisy imposed upon this long tolerant and diverse nation of some 80 million, put at risk by the ideological zealotry of its current leadership. Continue reading

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The IBDA/C and Turkey’s Islamists

Thanks to the generous patronage and political cover provided by Turkey’s Islamist rulers, the outlawed Great Eastern Islamic Raiders’ Front (İBDA/C or IBDA-C), a militant fundamentalist group sympathetic to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), has resumed hitherto interrupted operations in this predominantly Sunni Muslim nation of some 80 million. Continue reading

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Free press under Turkey’s autocratic regime

With a fractured opposition, a media under immense pressure, a frightened business community and a civil society in retreat because of the witch hunt by the Islamists against anybody who dares to utter “rule of law,” “fundamental rights” and “democratic principles,” Turkey has transformed into an autocratic regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Continue reading

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Turkey’s apartheid regime under the Islamists

Turkey’s governing Islamist elites, backed by their neo-nationalist partners, have started to change the republican regime based on parliamentary democracy and the separation of powers into a totalitarian regime that employs outdated apartheid repression tactics against critics and opponents from all walks of life. Continue reading

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Appeasing oppressive Islamists in Turkey

Turkey’s Islamist rulers have locked themselves in a vicious cycle in which they can now only rely on repressive measures such as abuse of the criminal justice system and police crackdowns on the right to dissent and the right to freedom of expression, fueling more outrage and resentment towards the government, which in turn finds itself in a desperate attempt to resort to more brute force. Continue reading

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